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Room Locator

Room Locator by LinkDesk is the smart occupancy sensor that controls smart home devices and services simply upon entering or leaving a room.

Extensive Smartphone and Smart Home Actions

Create and run shortcuts for everyday functions on your smartphone, control and automate smart home devices, and reorder products, food, and medicines.

Automator Actions
Works with Apple iBeacon

Beacon Technology

Room Locator works with iBeacon Technology. As soon as you fitted a room with a Room Locator, your iPhone or iPad will recognize when you enter or leave the room. The iBeacon Technology is a component of HomeKit and can be used to trigger HomeKit devices.

Room Locator Unboxed
Room Locator Compatibility

Ingenious compatibility

The location of your Apple iPhone or iPad is used to trigger compatible smart home devices. The range of supported smart home devices is constantly growing.

Room Locator Battery

Wireless operation

Thanks to the replaceable battery no cables or sockets are necessary. The Room Locator can be positioned anywhere in the room.

Room Locator Design

Intelligent design

The housing of the Room Locator is small, slim and stylish. With the provided adhesive pad, the Room Locator can easily be attached to any surface.

Room Locator Range

Optimized reach

The Room Locator’s signal is transmitted in such a way that it is optimally distributed in rooms of typical sizes. This means that you only need one Room Locator per room.

Room Locator TableRoom Locator Table
Room Locator Specifications


Power Supply: 3 V Button Cell Battery
Type: Lithium Battery CR2450
Connection: Wireless Low Energy
Operation Temperature: 10°C ~ 60°C
Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 13 mm
Color: White
WEEE Number: DE 25150202

Room Locator Box

Room Locator

Room Locator is the smart occupancy sensor that makes it possible to control smart home devices and online services automatically, when entering and leaving a room.

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